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In the past years, our research staff has created several outstanding publications:

Prof. Werner Rieder-Preis 2019

Roland Sleik was awarded with the Prof. Werner Rieder-price 2019 for his dissertation with the title "System Level Reliability Testing Under Application Stress Conditions".

Metrohm Young Chemist Award Austria 2018

The prize was awarded to Sabine Kubiček for her contribution “A Novel in-situ X-Ray Diffraction Cell Design for Electrochemical Measurements”.

Sabine Kubiček has developed this setup, which combines XRD measurements and electrochemical analysis of thin films exposed to liquids, while working as PhD student in the EM2APS project in cooperation with the TU Vienna, especially the Electrochemistry Devision and the X-Ray Center.

EFC Poster Prize 2016

The Young Author's EFC Poster Prize was presented to Ms. Elke Ludwig for the outstanding poster contribution on "Corrosion of Copper in Combination with Polymers".

Elke Ludwig is currently working as a PhD student within the ongoing project EM2APS at our scientific partner TU Vienna.

MAM2016: Best Poster Award

PhD student Andreas Kleinbichler won a “Best Poster Award” at the Material for Advanced Metallization conference (MAM) 2016 held in Brussels on March 20th-23th 2016 for the poster titled “Mechanical Adhesion Testing Techniques for Metal Dielectric Interfaces”. The topic of the study was adhesion investigation of a thin tungsten-titanium film on a BPSG substrate using nanoindentation and scratch testing.

2015 "Identification of Risk Devices using Independent Component Analysis for Semiconductor Measurement Data": Zernig, A.; Bluder, O.; Pilz, J.; Kästner, A.; and Krauth, A.; International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence (ISMI) 2015; Daejeon, South Korea

2014 "Device Level Maverick Screening": Zernig, A.; Bluder, O.; Kaestner, A.; Pilz, J.; 3rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM), Angers (France)

2013 "Effective and reliable heat Management for power devices exposed to cyclic short overload pulse"; Nelhiebel, M.; Illing, R.; Detzel, T.; Wöhlert, S.; Auer, B.; Lanzersdorfer, S.; Rogalli, M.; Robl, W.; Decker, S.; Fugger, J.; Ladurner, M.:  24th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis, ESREF 2013

2013 "Bayesian prediction of SMART power semiconductor lifetime with Bayesian Networks" K. Plankensteiner, O. Bluder and J. Pilz, BAYSM 2013: BAyesian Young Statistician Meeting, Milan (Italy)

2012 "A Bayesian Mixture Coffin-Manson Approach to Predict Semiconductor Lifetime" O. Bluder, J. Pilz, M. Glavanovics and K. Plankensteiner, SMTDA 2012: Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis, Chania (Crete)

2011 "In-Situ Sensor-Matrix to Determine Package-Induced Stresses" C. Djelassi, T. Aichinger, M. Glavanovics and M. Kaltenbacher, Member, IEEE; Volume 1 Number 11, November 2011 [1]

2011 "A reliable technology concept for active power cycling to extreme temperatures" M. Nelhiebel, R. Illing, C. Schreiber, S. Wöhlert, S. Lanzerstorfer, M. Ladurner, C. Kadow, S. Decker, D. Dibra, H. Unterwalcher, M. Rogalli, W. Robl, T. Herzig, M. Poschgan, M. Inselsbacher, M. Glavanovics, S. Fraissé, ESREF 2011: 22nd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis

2010 "Prediction of Semiconductor Lifetime Using Bayesian Linear Models with Mixed Distributions" O. Bluder and J. Pilz, LinStat2010: International Conference on Trends and Perspectives in Linear Statistical Inference, Tomar (Portugal)

2010 "FPGA-basierter Regelkreis zur Beschleunigung von Lebensdauertests für Smart-Power-Schalter" H.P. Kreuter, NIDays 2010

2008 "On the temperature dependence of NBTI recovery" T. Aichinger, M. Nelhiebel and T. Grasser, ESREF 2008: 19th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis