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Autonomous Driving Vehicle Internal Communication Enclosure

As the automation level in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for vehicles (ADAS) approaches fully Autonomous Driving (AD) behavior, the necessity for extended data recording and secure data exchange between Electrical Control Units (ECUs) inside the vehicle emerges. Especially when trying to reconstruct decisions taken by autonomous systems (e.g. based on deep learning), legally not countervailable data becomes a requirement.

During the ADVICE project concepts for exchanging and storing in-vehicle data will be investigated. The concepts are intended to be useable as authentic digital evidence as well as to provide data for optimizing vehicular tasks without disclosing undesired private information. A novel utilization of cryptographic mechanisms will provide an adjustable level of privacy, tailored to the authorization level and privacy rights of the data accessing entity (law enforcement, insurance agencies, repair shops …). The project involves a novel concept, in which the unique possession of the generated information can be guaranteed to the legal owner of the data.    

The ADVICE project is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). By granting funds to a selection of innovative PhD-proposals, the FFG encourages additional cooperation between industrial research and universities in Austria.