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The Future of Electrical Power

Christian Koller presented his work on GaN for power electronics to a broader audience.

Inspired by recent research published in an Editor’s Choice article in physica status solidi (b), Advanced Science News gave lead author, Christian Koller of KAI GmbH, the opportunity to present his research to a broader audience. The website is a forum that hosts articles on exceptional and new findings from across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines including healthcare, material science, sustainability, nanotechnology, energy, and electronics. The article, titled “The Future of Electrical Power”, points out the great potential of gallium nitride (GaN) for power electronics, the struggle to make this potential utilizable, and introduces our novel, unprecedented investigative approach. The research was performed in a joint collaboration between KAI GmbH, Infineon Austria AG, and Vienna University of Technology with the goal to further scientific capabilities and unleash GaN’s full potential.